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Posted 7/23/2016






Today I have some frequently asked questions for you – hope you enjoy!




You have an extraordinary name. Where is it from?

„Merita“ is the Swedish short term of Margarete, my grandmother’s name.


What is your height?

1,76 m


Where do you live?

I live in Hamburg, Germany together with my boyfriend Ralf but I spend a lot of time abroad, basically in France and in Tunisia.


What is your biggest dream?

Ohhh…that’s hard to say! Right now I think I live my dream by deciding to make music my living! So of course my dream is to be able to do that until I die!


Do you have female idols?

For both musician and personality, I like Tina Turner and Céline Dion a lot. Since I am a young teenage I also look up very much to Princess Haya bint al-Hussein who participated in internatinal horse riding championships and even lived in Germany at that time. Now she represents many global charity organisations. I like her female attidude, she has such a natural beautiful smile and she always reminds me not to give up feminity in this business world of poker faces.


Where do you get your inspiration for outfits?


Oh, that’s a good question… I think when I look for outfits it’s a lot about intuition that I think it may fit to me or not, if I like it or not. I love reading fashion magazines, I love Instagram, I read some blogs and stroll through some online shops. The looks of blogger Janni Delér are cool and I also like Anna Ewers. The style of BB is immortal and still a big big inspiration for a female look. I also like to watch people in the streets, especially when I am in Paris, haha. Parisian people are always best dressed. Will be funny if I go to Milan this summer, Italian people got the key to style too! I like I don’t know – seems like I keep my eyes open for some inspiration everywhere.








What are you proud of?

I don’t like the term “proud of”. Whatever you achieve, it is always a mixture of your own creation and destiny, people you meet or don’t meet, moments that offer to you chances or demand sacrifice,… I think I am not proud but deeply grateful that I endured that long way until I could see a first success. The first three years have been in fact a hard time with lots of difficult challenges, disappointments and change in general (HERE you can read the whole story as ebook). But it was more than worth it to hold on and get through it! It makes me relaxed today to see that one is able to handle challenges and that reaching your lifetime dream is priceless.


What does possession means to you?

Hahaha, I have to smile at that question! When I tried to step into the performer’s life it took longer than I thought at the beginning to make it a living. So, one day the money I had saved for the first time was gone and I had to decide whether to give up and return to my old job or to move on – but that would mean to get me quickly more money. So I sold all possessions I had – furniture, my TV, my bike, electronic stuff and so on. From that day on I had nothing left but my dream to hold on to. As you see, possession doesn’t mean much to me. I own and appreciate much more the moments I get to enjoy in life!


You spend a lot of time in France. Do you speak fluently French?

Not fluently yet. I am about to learn it and understand most, read more or less fluently but talking longer is still a bit more difficult. When I learn my French lyrics I can remember those words easier but it is still a long way until I am fluent. I talk a bit in simple words and more simple grammar, haha, so I can get through the days without switching too often into English but I am working on it. French is such a beautiful language!


How does it feel for you and your boyfriend Ralf to live the life of an “artist couple”?

Oh, it’s funny – and a bit chaotic sometimes! I think our lifestyle is quiet different from other people’s… for example, we work sometimes over the weekend, on other days one of us gets up at 4 a.m. to catch a morning flight, or we work until midnight... every week and almost every day is different! But we handle it very good together and it feels great that I live with somebody who understands my lifestyle and shares it.



What did you want to become when you were young?

As long as I can think back I always wanted to become a singer and work on stage. This dream has always been present, all my life. But during school I had these times of course when I tried to be very “realistic” and fulfill my parent’s wishes for my future: To get a good, qualified and secure job. So, I switched between becoming a journalist, later on a business woman and even finished a university’s exam and PhD thesis in Business Administration. But by the end, luckily, the childhood dream was stronger and so I became who I wanted to become all my life: A singer!


Have you been good at school?

Yes, I had good grades, was ambitious, at school as well as at university. I don’t like it if you do something unambitious, it’s wasted time. No matter where life leads you to you always take something with you that you have learned before: Maybe some expertise or skills, maybe some methods to deal with things, whatever.





What was the first album you ever bought?

Roxette “Joyride”, a long long time ago! I have listened to it a thousand times, for years. Per and Marie are such a dream team! I love their music and the sound of their two quiet different voices that match incredibly great.


Who are your idols in music?

Mmhhh… there are some people I look up to. First of all, I admire Tina Turner for being such a strong role model as performer and person. I was reading her biography again and again at the time when I had to fight so hard to convince people with what I do. She made it through very rough times to global success and that has been and still is a great motivation for everyone who wants to achieve something.

Then I like Céline Dion very much and the style of her songs. She is so disciplined with her vocal training and so humble and authentic as a person, that really impresses me. Every singer can learn a lot from her incredible vocal techniques she uses apparently effortless.

Ariane Grande is cool too, a true talent with great entertainment skills,  taking herself not too seriously.

On the management side of my job in fact Céline’s manager and husband René Angélil is my biggest idol. Nobody in the music industry had ever managed such a career both successfully, intelligent and wise at the same time. Everybody in showbiz can learn a lot from him and I tell myself that even if I can adapt only 1% of his skills I move into the right direction.


What has been your intention to work in showbiz?

My intention is to make people happy and make them have a good time. I believe that this is important in this world and in the life we have to live: Moments of joy, of happiness. Music is a wonderful thing to share emotions and just backup a little bit from daily routines. Being a singer, it is my job to transfer the magic of music to the audience.

In my former job I used to teach a lot, held keynotes and so on and the expectation was always to transfer knowledge, to instruct. I did not like the idea of instructing people. If you want to gain knowledge you can simply read a good book instead. But if you like to prefer to entertain people and share moments of happiness, singing is a wonderful thing to do!


How do you manage it to organisze and plan your artist’s career by yourself?


Well, I have good and bad days... The benefit of it is that I have control about every step and the things I do or not do: Starting by the choice of songs, the concert settings, my wardrobe, marketing and promotion campaigns and so on. Organizing the promotion is in fact a task that I know I have theoretically the skills to handle it but I don’t like it much. It just has to be done, so I do it. Like in every other job there are things you love to do and others that bother you. But luckily it is only one part of my to do’s. Usually I switch between a week of management tasks and a week or two where I can fully concentrate on singing. Both together at the same time are often a balancing act.


What have been the most challenging tasks you handled during the last year?


Where to begin…? ;-) First of all, managing everything on my own required learning a lot of new things and skills quickly. I have done marketing projects before but this time I am my own “product”, which is totally different. You must be able to switch between your own point of view on things and a manager’s matter-of-fact-view from the outside. It feels absolutely great to be able to manage it all but it demands that you are good at multi-tasking. I know that right now I have to do it all but sooner or later I can outsource some tasks without losing control about my career and that is what I always wanted to achieve.


What do you always carry with you in your bag when you are travelling / in an airplane?


When traveling, especially when in the airplane I take care always to have a bottle of water with me. Your skin dries fast if you do not drink enough, whether waiting at a gate or during the flight. I have my iPhone and/or iPod and love to listen to music. And third, I always have a small Moleskine in my bag to write down thoughts and ideas spontaneously – that is a true tic I always had, even though I could write in my IPhone I still prefer handwritten thoughts.

To avoid a flue I have always a big scarf in my bag. I use it as blanket, as cushion or simply around the neck.


Your favorite quote?

“Make it happen!” :-D



Merita published her adventurous story about stepping into the musician’s life, wordwide available at amazon. Watch out!








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